Summarizing Reputation Management Services

RegardlessGone Viral Sign of whether you’re an individual who would like to use social media and other tactics to get a step ahead of the competition in a job search or a business looking to improve its image and branding while reaching a large audience, there is certainly no shortage of services out there to assist the consumer. But how do reputation management companies go about their business of improving relationships between a firm and its consumers or cleaning up a personal resume that could be plagued by high ranking negative searches? The answer lies in a variety of tactics that range from entering positive and/or correct data to press releases.

Reputation Management Services

A recent article published this week by outlines whether or not reputation management services are worth the dough. “People who sign up with sites like BrandYourself and receive different services based on the packages and tools that they choose,” the articles states. “For example, do-it-yourself products, which allow you to submit up to three links for search engine optimization and tracking advice, are free through BrandYourself. Meanwhile, the premium option costs $80 per year, and lets you submit an unlimited number of links to be optimized. There’s even a $199 per-month concierge service—you’re basically hiring someone to do the work for you, like removing addresses and phone numbers from the web.”

Indeed, a quick look at the services offered by shows that customers can gain access to free software that allows them to track keywords (such as their name) across the most popular search engines to ensure that entries are current, correct, and not of a negative nature. The firm’s premium concierge and web tools service deals with more complicated issues in cases where an article or entry remains high on search ranking engines and offers a customized strategy for dealing with such instances. “We believe you should be able to control your own online reputation without any price barrier, so our plans will help you no matter what your situation,” says. explains that “the internet is an open forum that allows anyone to make comments about you or your business – whether they are true or not. Negative content from online articles, blogs, and inaccurate reviews can appear almost instantaneously and you may not even realize that you have a problem and once this content gets online, it can almost never be deleted. Because today the first impression of you or your business is made online, negative material in search results can have an immediate impact on your business and your livelihood.”

DIY Tips For Reputation Management

Although these services can offer peace of mind and customized assistance, there are plenty of do-it-yourself tools that an individual or company executive have at their disposal when taking on negative content that is ranking high on search engines. For one, a person can set up a name alert at Google Alerts that will notify an individual instantaneously when a keyword appears online.

Filling out your own social media profile on sites such as Facebook and Twitter can go a long way toward letting potential employers or customers find out more about you or your products without having to search for review articles. Social media has become so important in today’s technology age that it has become commonplace for employers to pour over details of a prospective hire before making a final decision. At times, it could be a wise idea to stay away from extremely polarizing comments and views, but of course that should remain in the hands of the individual who owns the account to decide what is most appropriate to post. Just remember that a large audience could potentially view your social media profile.

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