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What You Should Look For In Reputation Mangement Companies

As my work with businesses continues as a part of my tasks here at, it has become evident that many firms are actively seeking out the services of companies that have become involved in the Reputation Management business. Admittedly, there has been quite a bit of demand for general SEO work – some of which has opened my eyes when it comes to just how primitive some of the services offered still are. In this article, I want to go over a few of the mistakes that I see corporations making when outsourcing their SEO, online marketing, public relations and RM needs.

Do The Research

This is by far the biggest failure of businesses who outsource their online marketing tasks to specialty companies: they fail to do their own research ahead of time. Unfortunately, with all the updates to search engine software such as Google Panda, it is no longer feasible for a firm’s representative to rely on third party experts. Even in 2014, I still see companies focusing their website content creation efforts exclusively on keyword density campaigns, link farming, link purchasing and other practices that have long been countered by search engines.

The result is almost always the same. The website in question gets a few days (maybe even a few weeks) atop the search engine rankings for various keywords, then gets penalized by Google and faces extinction after the software detects efforts to game the system.

By doing the proper research ahead of time, you can request that the company you outsource your efforts to pay close attention to content creation and focus on building website authority via organic methods such as proper linking, correct coding, social media outreach, and becoming involved in communities.

Social Media Outreach

Enough can’t be said about the importance of using social media to achieve your company and website goals. Far too often, these tasks do not get the attention they deserve when they are outsourced; leaving the company woefully short when it comes to customer feedback and getting involved. In almost every case, having a website is not enough when it comes to online marketing. A firm must also build a relationship with clients who frequent sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and so on.

Failing to get involved in this type of direct feedback can be costly to a company that is relying fully on its website’s search engine results in order to receive exposure. By working hand in hand and combining your efforts, you can more effectively get your brand established online.

Focus On Organic Results

The days of having a cookie-cutter SEO or online marketing campaign are well behind us. If you want to become successful in today’s online environment, you (or the company you hire) must be heavily committed to providing true, real time, unique content and replies to potential customers. There is simply no substitute for ensuring that there is a human aspect to your website, marketing campaign and SEO efforts at all times – no exceptions.

Search engines are giving higher authority rankings to those with a complete online profile that extends to social media and communities such as the Google Plus service. If you rely on your website alone, it won’t be long until someone else capitalizes on using social media. There is also the possibility that a company will have a very limited platform for gathering in new business if no social media is utilized.

All in all, it is a good idea to be as informed as possible when it comes to outsourcing your online marketing and SEO work to a third party. There are all sorts of promises out there, but remember that no one can guarantee that a common keyword ranks on the first page of popular search engines. This just isn’t possible anymore. However, there are plenty of measures that can be taken to build a website’s authority and tie it in to community posting as well as social media.

Take some time to browse through the articles I’ve posted on Reputation Management and SEO efforts here at Reputable. As always, feel free to contact me at your convenience if I can be of assistance in any way.

-David H.

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